The Awakening Package
Consists of of 6 sessions, choosing from all I offer to accelerate and integrate your Voyage to Well-being.
The package offers a 20% discount, and sessions must be taken on a consistent weekly basis to ensure results.
Each session runs from 60 – 75 minutes, and usually consists of one Tarot, one ‘Bars’, a Shamanic Reiki, and 2 EFT.
The benefits are a greatly reduced cost per hour, and the ability to access different areas of your Body/Mind to achieve balance.

The fee for most sessions is 100$ per hour.
The Prepaid Package offers a 20% reduction bringing the hourly rate to 80$

Plus each session runs from 60 minutes up to 75 minutes.
Everyone has the option of choosing which treatments they wish to receive, allowing for a highly unique and personal program tailored to your specific needs.

Contact me to schedule your FREE 20-minute Consultation with no obligation.

We can discover if we connect, and tune into what your needs are at this time.