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Power Animals come up to reveal to us, that even in the midst of what we perceive to be mundane reality, there is a powerful and pure dimension running parallel to ours, in which Spirit, our Angels, Guides, departed loved ones, and Soul families, are with us; watching over us and cheering us on towards our goals.

We truly are not alone.


AN ENERGY Healing Session illuminates this dimension for us.

Vibrational or Energy Healing  is a fusion of Reiki, Angel communication, & different vibrational healing systems that release stagnant energy, and bring healing to subtle layers of our body/mind matrix.

My focus is on Chakra balancing. The chakras are vital energy transformers connected to our organs, meridians and vibrant mental/emotional health.

When your chakras are blocked by stagnancy, you are not able to make good decisions, and don't feel connected to your internal guidance system. You can also absorb negative energies from the external world if there are leaks in your energetic sheath.

Your session may include soul retrieval, the entry of power animals, an akashic record release of past life trauma, or whatever is needed to bring you into alignment.

Angel Channeling, messages and guidance are also given, along with a reading upon the state of your chakras after receiving the energywork.

I believe in practical spirituality. Pragmatic coaching strategies are provided to help you anchor in the insights gained from the session. 

Most people feel tingling, warmth and vital energy moving throughout their body during a session. It is also common to move in and out of a peaceful dream state, to awaken refreshed and renewed.

Those who are visual often see beautiful vistas, animals, and Angels. They also report seeing the beautiful colours of the Chakras   throughout the healing session.
You are always in control of your own experience during a session.
Nothing will be released that is frightening to you, only that which you are ready for and desire will surface, in order to be blessed out and away, and replaced by Light, to allow for a more expanded peace and awareness of your place in time and space.

Limiting ancestral limitations are also cleared to be filled by your own personal, evolved beliefs, to live authentically as YOU.
If you are seeking to let go of old ancestral  baggage, it is now easier and smoother in the New Energy.

How is a Session Set Up?
Each treatment begins with dialogue to assess any health or lifestyle concerns and determine what exactly you wish to transform in your life.
Some people are very aware of their energy body and have very specific requests, and others may need some guidance to be able to root out what they feel would be of benefit.
Others may just need a tune-up, to reset their chakras to optimal functioning.
I have also worked with people who have Cancer, at different stages of the disease.
For some, there is the need to come to a deeper understanding of why they have attracted their challenges, and release any limiting frequencies, thoughts and beliefs, that may be limiting their healing capacity.
For others there is simply the need to bring up their energy and spiritual awareness, and support their journey.
Together we can raise your awareness to be fully conscious and aware of the many Guides, Angels and departed family in Spirit around you and supporting you. Whatever Life stage you're in, offers a potential for growth. I can help you Transition.

And can be
When we are able to tune-in to our authentic selves.

For Serene Transformation to occur, everything is understood as energy, and I strive to guide you into remembering your eternal wisdom of the ages.
The actual bodywork is 45 - 60 minutes.
Then we will discuss whatever came up for you, including my own perceptions, and your messages from the Angelic Realm.

 Energy-Healing will mostly feel extremely relaxing and envigorating, both physically and psychologically

Remote attunements and Long-Distance healing is also available.
The Fee for a Vibrational Healing Session is 160$ and includes the Spiritual Coaching before and after the actual bodywork session.

An Mp3 recording is offered so you can listen to your messages in leisure.

Please contact me for more info, or to set up a complimentary 20 minute consult.