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"Simple Strategies to get you Unstuck"
I am an Empowered empath, with over 4000 hours of specialized training, in both recognized and esoteric studies.
I have discovered simple and effective strategies, that have helped myself and others break-through stuck places.
I offer a multi-faceted approach for all stages of Becoming Conscious.
It's all about regaining and maintaining peace of mind, vitality and balance.

WE are Creator Beings.
You do not have to live with limitation and lack.

It is your choice to awaken into your radiance. It is my honour to be your Guide and Facilitator.

I offer a gentle and safe haven, in combination with a dynamic and solution-oriented coaching style.
Contact me for a free 20 minute telephone consultation.
In-Person Appointments Available
20/5010 Macdonald
Montreal, Quebec
Monday - Sunday 1pm. - 8pm.
10 minute walk from Snowdon Metro, Orange Line
5 blocks west of Decarie Expressway

Consider a Skype or Phone Session.
It's not 2nd best!
Avoid the hassle of travel, parking & cost of gas.