EFT Tapping
EFT aka Emotional Acupressure

For those who still haven't heard about EFT, it is a remarkable method that releases repetitive negative thoughts, self-sabotage, and many disruptive or uneasy emotions, including addictive behaviours.

We face each other and lighty tap on meridian points around the head and upper body, while focused on the "disruptive emotion" and repeat specific statements around these unpleasant feelings or memories.

Some may just need a few sessions to help diffuse a challenging situation, but usually there are layers of trapped emotions, and 6 - 10 sessions or more are required to move forward.
EFT didn't work for you?
 If you have tried it with lacklustre results, most likely you followed a generic Youtube which is geared towards promotion of an individual or website which cannot target specifics that working face-to-face with an experienced practitioner can accomplish.

I  combine EFT with NLP, LOA, non-dualism, and a strong dose of clairvoyance and spirit communication which helps us get into the heart of any persistent issue.

EFT is often used for emotional distress and phobias, but it also surfaces our awareness of how powerful we really are!
 If any of this intrigues you, please call me for a Free 20 minute Consult for more information feel out if  EFT is right for you.
I have extensive EFT experience with emotionally distressed people, working with the wounded inner child, depression, trauma, and anxiety.
For EFT to be successful, you need to be motivated to tap on your own in-between sessions.

This brings your power back home to you, but also means you need to 'SHOW-UP' for this type of Approach to Transformation & Healing.

Taking full responsibility for what you are creating is another pre-requisite.

Skype & Telephone sessions are also available.

Fees are 125$ per session for 60 minutes.

You have the option of purchasing a Pre-Paid Package which brings down the rate of individual sessions.

6 Sessions cost 600$ instead of 750$
A 20% discount.

***A Package must be paid in full, and is used for 6 consecutive weekly sessions.***

Not sure if you want to invest in a Package?
I invite you to try one session to guage the results. 

Sessions are held in Person in the Montreal area, or via telephone or Skype.

For Canadian consumers e-transfer is a preferred payment for Skype.

Call me for a 20-minute complimentary phone consult to determine whether EFT is the right approach for you.

FREE 20-MINUTE CONSULT - 514-486-9368  
EFT Points on Face
EFT Points on Face
                           EFT Pre-Paid Packages
Save money by purchasing a Pre-Paid Package of sessions. They are to be used for consecutive sessions, ideally on a weekly basis.

Helpful for those who wish to see tangible results in their progress.

Although there are some individuals who transform their limitations in only one or two sessions, most of us have life-long ingrained belief systems which requries at least 6 - 12 sessions in order to move out of patterned reactions & responses.

Buy a 6 hour package and save 20%
Instead of 750$ it costs 600$ - a savings of 150$
or 100$ per session instead of 125$

A Package is an opportunity to invest in Yourself to expand your potential and live authentically.
Plus you will have a tool you can use at home!
 This is not brain surgery folks. It works, and it's easy, once you've done it a few times. And it can be done anywhere, everywhere, for everything.
EFT is not a replacement nor subsitiute for any kind of medical treatment, including medicine, psychiatric intervention, surgery, radiation or other conventional approaches.

I encourage you to get regular medical exams and talk to your health professional about what treatments are best for you, or if you are uncertain about whether EFT can help you.

I offer EFT as a Success Coaching Strategy to move out of victim consciousness, maintain positive thinking and attain the ability to manifest with ease.

Some people’s emotional and/or physical issues can worsen with a wholistic approach such as EFT, and you should seek out the advice of a qualified health professional if you feel unsure of following this type of healing modality.