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If you are seeking to achieve Profound Changes in Well being, Joy, Memory, Synchronicities, Immune System, Intuition, and Inner Peace, download your copy of the magical  MP3 "Breath IN" 
You will be able to Attain & Maintain your Equilbriumn after listening to the soothing music and healing tones of my voice after just several times. You can even use it to fall asleep.
It's Really that simple!
Relax, Rejuvenate & Recharge
with the BLISS-Full nature sounds of ocean wave, dolphins, whales, & mystical singing tibetan bowls. 

Guided by the the Healing Transmissions held in the voice of Hellen StarLake, Angel Channeler and Spiritual Clairvoyant, you will be transported into the Sacred Space of your Limitless Flow.

Become at Ease with the Expansiveness of Infinite  Energy, available to All who are able to Say YES.
You will be able to relax into your ability to Receive Abundance
Sample audio just below!
Breath In - Sample
Breath In - Sample
DOWNLOAD the full 20 minute plus Guided Meditation: Breath IN $ 13.99CAN
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Bonus - Free Meditation Tutorial

Download and keep the Free MP3 audio below.
It also holds energetic attunements for profound relaxation, and will optimize your results with   Guided Meditation. 
My gift to you, whether or not you choose to purchase Breath IN.
Free Meditation Tutorial
Free Meditation Tutorial

You may DOWNLOAD this audio track for free (mp3: 30mb).
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Change Your Life in 20 Days

 with My Guided Meditation MP3  "Breath IN" 

Increase your Intuition
Release limiting thoughts
Open to Receive Abundance
Move out of Drama
Attain Inner Peace

only $13.99 to Transform your Life

           FAQ  -    How can this be Possible?

Mindfulness & Being Present to what is without judgement or drama, creates harmony. By simply being with your breath for the simple joy of it, increases inner silence. Inner Silence increases your power of intuition. When our Decisions come from that place of balanced intuition and inner peace, we are fulfilled and satisfied with Life.

This is The Secret to Manifesting with ease. It comes from the inside, and this then aids with transforming your external life.

There is no magic pill, device or anything outside of ourselves. The Power is all within, that is the Secret.

Many stressors pull us away from this innate knowing. Having Challenges is part of being human, moving through them with Equanimity is a skill which we need to cultivate. I have begun this series of Empowering & Life-transforming MP3's with this most basic yet necessary life tool. The Breath! 

When we are in Harmony, we feel clear about decisions, we trust our intuition, we become Masters of our own Universal Truth.

Simply choose the intentions above, and listen to Breath IN at least once per day.

This will help you move out of drama and fear-based realities.
You can also fall asleep with it. The waves and surf continue for an extra 12 minutes following the guided meditation, to further your wellbeing, by allowing the expansiveness of Mother Earth and Water to hold you in her safe embrace.

You can choose anything you wish for. Perhaps you would like to cultivate mindfulness, equaminity, and balanced emotions.

Others would like to begin bypassing mind chatter, to live more fully from our heart center, to come up with creative solutions to life's decisions and challenges.

Or perhaps the ability to trust your intuition or gut feelings, instead of choosing fear is your goal.

When we are fullfilled, relaxed and receptive, abundance in all forms can come to us, and money will follow as well.

This is all part of embodying a new and expanded vision of who we are, to inspire and co-create in harmony with infinite possibilites.
We are able to see opportunities and potentials, and manifest reality from a stable foundation.

Inner Peace is Empowerment.

DOWNLOAD the full 20 minute plus Guided Meditation: Breath IN $ 13.99 CAN
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Why MP3's?   
I  began this series of MP 3's to be able to reach more people than is possible thru my one-on-one and private group sessions. 

The only thing that is real in our life, is the present moment. Everything else is either in the past or the future. So all of our power to create, resides in being able to be in each and every moment with acceptance of what is.

Unfortunately most of us live in our yesterdays, and worry about our tomorrow. This cheats you out of the Power of your Today, by closing you into re-creating exactly what you don't want.

So how do you move into becoming the Conscious Chooser of your thoughts, so you can become a Powerful Manifestor of Your Reality?

I offer many tools, but if you cannot afford a private session right now, you still can change your life in just 20 days with my MP3 download "Breath IN." for only $13.95.

Or you may wish to complement your other Personal Growth activities. We can always use inspiration and reminders to Breathe into our Joy.
By moving into each next moment with Mindfullness, we can use our incoming Breathe to remind us & our outgoing breath to free us.

When we begin to cultivate the awareness that we have a choice -  we begin to choose more of what feels right to us, allowing us to move into more empowerment & true transformation.

In this way, Empowerment is Inner Peace, and this Harmony leads us into being in Joy,  because we are choosing to create a reality that is aligned to our values.

You will also enjoy deep and revitalizing relaxation with this  20-minute plus Guided Meditation, accompanied by sacred sounds, dolphins, whales and soothing ocean waves. 

DOWNLOAD the full 20 minute plus Guided Meditation: Breath IN $ 13.99 CAN
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