Tarot Reading
A Tarot Reading offers you accurate, intuitive  insight and resolution for any challenges or obstacles to your success.  I provide pragmatic  solutions that will help you breakthrough stuck places.

It is a heart-opening voyage into the landscape of your destiny,  giving you the opportunity to bring harmonious alignment between  all the layers of your unique, energetic blueprint.
Moving forward into the Life of our Dreams is a delicate dance between our Ego, Soul and Karma.

Cosmic events interweave this fabric and can be used to energise and accelerate our progress.

Tarot gives you insight into the recurring patterns and thoughts that are creating obstacles to manifesting your goals.

I offer solution-based readings that drive directly into the heart of any problem. I will surface what actions and intentions are required to create the winning outcome you desire. 

Sight brings direction, which helps you form an intention to create a vision, which will then manifest into your physical world. I offer a strategy-based coaching, using the symbolic images of the cards to assist moving you into balance.

A tarot reading is not about fortune telling, it's about fortune-creating. You do have a choice!
Everything I offer is about Self-Empowerment
& Awakening.

Transition into the Spirit realm which many call Death, and even sometimes illness are natural and sometimes unavoidable occurances. 
However we do have a choice in much of our affairs.

I offer you guidance on how to live well and live fully, and do not dwell upon forecasting minutae of the Wheel of Life, Death and Rebirth. 

Everything is energy, and I use the tarot images to forecast your energy signature, and how it is impacting your life.
No matter what the challenges, there is always a solution and wisdom. By learning how to embrace the shadows, we can move with ease into a brighter future.

Abundance in all areas is our birthright. Challenges and restrictions often arise to help us initiate the necessary changes that will bring us back into balance again.

I can help you get back on track.
Contact me at 514-486-9368

Tarot Readings are offered in person in the Montreal area, or ling-distance via Telephone, Skype or Internet.

In-house sessions cost 125$ per 60 minutes

A telephone session is 5$ per minute, 20 minute minimum.

Canadians are encouraged to use interac e-transfers
There is an added fee of 5$ for Paypal.