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Channeling & Tarot
Learn to Channel with the Tarot
Tuning into the Psychic Realm AKA Channeling can be Awakened via learning the Tarot.

This Course is for those who wish to expand their Empath gifts to help themselves, others or become Professional Psychics. 

You may or may not use tools such as Tarot or Pendulums down the road, but this is a fascinating way to reveal your capacity
to RECEIVE with private lessons.

The difference between this Course and my other Course 'Learning the Tarot' is that there will be Intensive meditations and exercises designed to help novices go beyond the busyness of the Mind and tune into the whispers of your inate
Human-Angelic Knowingness.

 Studying Tarot to Awaken Intuition is a natural tool as it has magical symbols, numerology and elemental basics which have been deleted from from our lives and thus lies in disuse.

This Course is designed to help you develop these 'muscles' so that you can utilize the most important sense you have.

That of inner knowing and the ability to tune into the Master within for Guidance, Clarity & Wisdom.

Skype Sessions are available.
Contact me for more info.
Cost is $125 per hour and 2 hour sessions are advised.
A Complimentary 20 minute phone consultation is also available if you wish to know if  Channeling using the Tarot is right for you at this time.

Small Private Group Training is also Avail.