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Flower Essence Therapy
Humans & Animals

I know Hellen for over 10 years and she has helped me many times on multiple occasions. But the last one wasn't for me, it was for my cat. My cat had issue with licking his belly for years and no medications, vaccines helped him; he continued to have a naked belly. Hellen was able to communicate with him, understand the issue and provide the right treatment. I call it "the magic potion": after using it for a month, my cat stopped licking his belly!!! After a month, Hellen changed the recipe to "reinforce" the fix. The change in him is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Hellen was able to help my baby within a month where the vets could not do anything for year and my cat was suffering.I highly recommend this "magic potion" to use on the pets cause it works!!! And i trust everything that Hellen does and value her opinion.
Thank you, Hellen, for helping Tom and i!!!! You are the best Natalie :) Mtl.
I asked Hellen for a reading about Sophie. After her last grooming she seemed annoyed. She was barking alot at the park, maybe she was cold.... she was shivering?  Very Detailed....RIGHT ON.....YOU ARE TERRIFIC.
S.S Mtl.

 I decided to try some of Hellen's "Winter Birds" essence just before going to the gym for a workout today. Normally on a hot and humid sunny day, walking 20 minutes to the gym and then doing an hour workout with weights, and then having to walk back home from the gym after my workout, is enough to make me want to veg out for the rest of the evening. However this time i felt my energy sustain itself long after, acccompanied by a slight sense of euphoria. I should also mention that I began and ended my bodybuilding workout with some cardio which is unusual for me. Even now, as I write this hours later, a peaceful and expansive feeling still gently tickles my senses. 
Rocco Marando, Mtl.

The Soul Support Formula that you gave me is really supporting this massive amazing transition. A lot of releasing of HUGE fears. A lot less chatter in my brain. I can't thank you enough for this.
A.M. Mtl.

I am blown away at your capacity for love and healing. The gift is so pure with you. I am blown away.  I cannot wait to come back. I’ve unearthed deep hidden sorrows with you in a very real way. Undeniably I have embarked on my life's work path. I am so glad it is with you. My whole life is opening.S.M Mtl.
I am amazed at how fast your Emotional Freedom Tapping has removed blocks caused by a certain teacher some 50 years ago. I am now free and sing powerfully and clearly in tune with no holding back, nothing in the way!. I have quickly reached five additional lower notes and it has instantly changed my life in a beautiful way. Feel free to give my phone number to anyone considering your fabulous service. It would be my pleasure to give real life examples of some major things you have done for me with EFT and vibrational corrections in only two sessions.
Sincerely, Art Allard, Dorval, QC

Thanks for an amazing session yesterday! As usual your perception and inuition were laser sharp. I'm still absorbing everything we went over. EFT helps to get the "feeling" out because even after several years of therapy and "understanding" intellectually what has happened, I'm still left with the emotions and feelings which cannot be resolved by talking. It's all been very freeing. All that to say you have helped me tremendously and I wanted to say a huge THANK-YOU!  Sue, Mtl. 

I have taken all of the things Hellen offers. EFT, Vibrational Healing, Massage, Tarot and I can't believe that she does all of it so well, she just amazes me I'm not sure exactly how to explain it, but somehow I just feel more optimistic and more courageous about doing different things. I am so blessed to have her in my life, I am so glad I met her, Janice

I was devastated when I was diagnosed with cancer. Even though the prognosis was very good, I was extremely anxious. I felt positive about my family becoming closer and changing my lifestyle, but there was this nagging sense of heaviness that I just couldn't shake off. After about 20 minutes of tapping, I suddenly felt a shot of electricity shoot through my body, and I felt so relieved. I knew I had cancer, but it felt distanced from me, as if I were watching  movie. She then taught me how to do a simple meditation, and balance  my chakras! I wished I would have seen her before they inserted the shunt for my chemo, as that had been so traumatic. I couldn't afford to see her too often as I needed to stop work, but she sent me youtube videos and written material to help me tap on my own. She really brought me a true healing gift. Miriam, Mtl.

I still can't believe that simply tapping while talking helped alleviate my 7 months of depression! How could it be so easy? I enjoy living again, and most importantly I have energy to enjoy my baby again. Hellen, I can't thank you enough. I.O 

I am trying, but can no longer elicit an emotional response to the issue we tapped on that has been tormenting me for longer that I wish to remember. Seeing you was the best B'day present I could have given myself. Bless you! R.M   

I accompished more with you in one session than I did in a whole year of psychotherapy. Wish I had met you years ago. I feel like myself again, Thank-you!  Elliot, Mtl.

I wish I had met you 5 years ago, I am so grateful to have found you. I am finally moving forward, you really hear me and see me, I am so thrilled to be able to have you as my teacher. Rachel, Mtl
I came to see Hellen because I needed some validation about an important decision I was making in my career this year. My career path is rather unique and I can hardly expect to be understood by a regular career counselor. Hellen was warm and attentive and very professional at the same time. I felt like she was using all of her knowledge and intuition to help me. The experience was very helpful. I felt understood in all the complexity of my personality, both as an individual and a professional. The session has clarified the struggles I have been having in my life and I walked away feeling very uplifted about the professional choice I was making this year. This will allow me to give this choice my all 100%, instead of wasting energy on second-guessing myself and guilt. N.S. Montreal
I think you are a great teacher and guide! It's like food for my soul!!!    Amanda

I see Hellen a few times a year, to help validate my own inutition about what I feel is happening around me, and to make decisions when there are too many choices in front of me. She always urges me to make decisions that feel right to me, but after seeing her for the last 9 years, I know how accurate she is, and trust that the guidance is always coming from a very high place of clarity. Louise

I have had the pleasure of knowing Hellen for several years now, and received exceptional tarot guidance as well as energy work from her. She is a rare soul on this planet. To simply be in her presence is a life transforming experience. Randi,Mtl

I saw my life unfolding before me. You validated my innermost thoughts, and transformed what I thought was devastating into strength and hope. Thank-you for your amazing insight and guidance. I can move forward now, into this new life without fear. Celine

I was looking for someone who really knew about metaphysics and spirit energy, to help me understand what I was going through. Hellen's esoteric understanding gave me such joyful support, plus she gave me resources I could use after the reading to keep me inspired. I am so grateful to have found her, she is a true gem.

I've been to a lot of psychics. Most offer generalized information, which isn't the least bit helpful, while only a handful, like you, offer specific information (dates when something will occur, names, etc.).
The only difference is that you were right on target, and nailed everything on the head. Have a wonderful day!
Deb, Laval PQ

Hi Hellen
Thank you again for being part of our event yesterday. I’ve had such positive feedback from everyone about your readings. One of my colleagues said you were “spookily spot on”. You brought something really special to our party, and I look forward to having you again next year! Sarah, Mtl
Everyone loved your positive approach to tarot reading at the Restaurant Opening I organized. I can't wait to schedule a private reading with you. Vannesa, Mtl.

Thank-you Hellen for being part of my special day. My Wedding guests who got to sit with you, felt very positive about the experience and the time that you gave them. Jillian

Hellen, each year 6 of my closest  friends and I have a small private party and offer a surprise activity. I decided to offer tarot having known your style, and I was astonished at how even my friends who have stated they would never see a tarot reader, couldn't get enough of you. We loved the crystals, and the light & fun approach you offered us. MJ, Mtl.


Hellen is a wonderful teacher - patient, loving and very wise. Her years of experience show through her gentle and kind mannerisms, to help your knowledge of Tarot develop. I'm looking forward to Tarot II and working with Hellen again.   Jackie

I took a tarot reading course with Hellen and was very pleased with what i came to learn about the meanings of the cards.  Hellen is an excellent teacher with an open spirt and mind, explains in an intelligent and down to earth manner issues that are at times etherial.  I really enjoyed her and the class....em

I just loved my tarot course with Hellen. She shared her wealth of experience with us, and was generous to a fault with her time and also gave freely of her interpretations. I became good friends with our small group, we still meet regularly. I was sad when the course ended, it went so quickly. Manon 

I have wanted to learn the tarot forever. Hellen has extraodinary abilities, I often felt like she was reading my mind - she is also patient and knowlegable about so many things. I loved the meditation before each class to relax and unwind from the day's events. She is a true teacher and healer. A very gifted indiviudal. Maria M Mtl


Hi Hellen,
Your Download is great. I listened about 4 times so far. I feel very relaxed after which helps me to focus and make clear decisions. I am vibrating at a different frequency after I listen to it. Thanks extra much! Sue, Mtl.
P.S. When is the next one coming out?
I took the 20 day challenge, and I have found a significant difference in my ability to stay calm!  It's as if my body's memory of peace & stillness, can be trigger now, simply by remembering to take a breath, whenever something feels stressful. A.L TO
Hellen, I use the Meditation MP3 BreatheIN to help me relax and sleep at night. I feel like I am entering into a magical zone, the moment I hear your soothing voice. You put me into a lovely, hypnotic zone, where all is safe and so peaceful. As a result I am able to feel more of a flow in my daily acitivites. I am not as stressed out or bothered by others. I can't wait for more from you. M.T TO
I am sleeping again, Bless-you! Jennie

Meditation Circle / Workshop Testimonials

Really enjoyed the circle. The chakra-based meditation was powerful and the invitation for everyone to share their insights with everyone else toward the end of the evening was very liberating. Everyone was very encouraging, open and friendly. Thanks to Hellen for her kind and joyful energy as well as her wells of knowledge. You're bound to learn a lot and pretty much everyone will have a personal experience with spirit or at least their higher selves during the meditations. You're bound to walk away with an insight or two. Worth the trip even if it's just to sit in Hellen's shining, benevolent energy for the evening.  Kelly

This experience was an exceptional one, I felt so welcomed, enjoyed the information that was given to me, and received clarity to forge ahead with this awesome life that I have at the moment. I thank you much Helen.  Gillian MTL.

Hi Hellen,
After Wednesday’s session, and in keeping with an overall gentle shift I am initiating, I felt the “Knowing”, the sense that what is, is … and what will be, will be. As I mentioned, there are a lot of strange events going on around me and I feel like the calm budha witnessing them, and working on the “witness” aspect to evolve, and ultimately give back positive light energy to the issues, it’s work mama!!
As always, these sessions are a blessing, an opportunity to continue to raise my vibration in a world I am starting to understand.
Thanks again,  Karine


My healing from the cold has accelerated and I have this beautiful feeling around my head.
The closest I can describe it that yummy loving feeling I have for my son…right on top of my head…
Thank you for you. S.M Mtl.

I was a bit skeptical about The Bars as I come regularly for Hellen's fabulous massages, but wow, I felt relaxed and refreshed after. Now I need to decide which to take each month, so sometimes I take both when I really need something special for myself. I have found that taking several Bars has helped alot to remove the hesitation around making some really important decisions. Bars really does help with removing old baggage from the past, helping me to live in the Now, instead of always rushing through life in a hurry. Diana, Mtl.



After a Vibrational Healing session with Hellen I felt extremely calm and slow. I could feel her wonderful energy over me even when she wasn't touching me during the session. The Vibrational Healing brought me in a state of trance and I could see the color of a few of my chakras, I had angelic visions and message. And so much more visions and guides came to Hellen, the messages she gave me after the session are precious. I felt like she had surrounded me with a protective cocoon, and when I emerged everything have fallen in place, everything was clear, she had answered all of my questions and more. I felt I had a new energy, I felt strong and I have since been feeling more myself. What I really love about Hellen is that she is so generous of her time, she gives so much information. And I don't remember being to such a warm, friendly and welcoming place.  Line

I feel like my blood is circulating again, tho Hellen says it's my energy flowing. I have arthritis and don't like being touched, but I love energywork. I feel light as a feather and feel like going dancing afterwards. Jayne, Mtl.

I usually do not go on sites like this, but there was someone at the hosp. giving Reiki during my chemo and I loved how I felt afterwards. I don't really understand what energy is, but I become very relaxed, feel good in my body again, and my head feels clear.

I love everything about Hellen's Vibrational Healing, I love the messages from Spirit, the inspiration and the Power Animals who come to visit. I feel like I'm buzzing afterwards. Even when Hellen has moved onto another spot on my body, I can feel the energy still vibrating, it feels like her hands are still there. Her energy feels solid, constant and direct, yet calm and blissful. Sylvia Mtl.


Long Distance Attunements
I did not have time to see Hellen in person, and felt the need for an immediate chakra-balancing after a very stressful time in my life. I still cannot believe how strongly I felt sensations and energy moving through my body - it was like she was there with me. I felt revitalized and renewed again! S.T Mtl.
Therapeutic Massage Testimonials

My Tai 'Chi teacher told me about Hellen and I started going to her for massages in 2001. I was on sick leave from work and going through a bad bronchitis. Hellen is not only the best massage therapist I have ever been to, she has something special, her charisma and warm personality make all the difference. She is very intuitive and I believe she often healed me and helped soothe my anxiety. An hour massage with Hellen would make my day, I get out of there feeling calm and any physical pain I felt before I went would be gone.  She also is a very resourceful person who knows so much about everything. Her massage room is very calming, with its warm colors and soft light, and she would make me feel so at ease, asking me what kind of relaxation music or sound I prefer if any, and would I like incense or the fan on... Hellen is not only the best massage therapist as over the last 8 or so years, I also got very good tarot readings from her, learned the Emotional FreedomTechnique (EFT) from her, Reiki and Heart Point Technique.  Life is very hectic and Hellen is there to make things easier for people.Odette Nadeau  Mtl.

Everything about Hellen is unique. I had her phone number for about a year before I called her.  She was recommended highly by a couple who went on a regular basis for these "fabulous massages".  But I was shy to call not knowing what to expect.  After about a year I finally called for a massage and I don't remember how many years ago that was.  But since that first massage, I go on  a regular basis for my massages. ( The cats are beautiful and they like when I talk to them and massage them! )  And Hellen is very special and caring.  The massage is wonderful; Hellen can tell how my week has been; and she makes me relax and rid my body of aches, pains, stress, and even my negative thoughts. I love to talk with her and find out how she views the world and she always has interesting techniques to show me how to look at the world with different eyes....she is definitely doing something right - as I tell everyone - the time for me! - for myself ! - is when I go for my massage;  it is a priority for me as it is beneficial in so many ways and I totally love it!  Thank you Hellen.  Gloria Pascal  Mtl.

Hellen is a great massage therapist. She is very attentive to details, strong and gentle at the same time; if she feels something is "wrong" in your body she will concentrate on this area until it's resolved. I'm very picky when it comes to massages and i love what Hellen does, she is very unique. After her massage you feel like you have dropped 10 years and you feel very light and relaxed. She is amazing!! I'm Hellen's client for almost 4 years and planning on staying with her as long as possible. After you'll try Hellen, you won't want to go and see other massage therapists. Natalie Mtl.

Hellen, thank you so much. My headache disappeared and it is all because of you. You are magic!  Sandra Berman CSL  

Hellen is an extremely gifted healer, her massage is very special. I float out of there, all aches, pains and anxiety relieved. Like a mini-vacation.
Jo, Mtl.
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