About Myself

I am an Empath / Clairvoyant /Seer / with over 4000 hours of specialized training, in both recognized and esoteric studies.

This  includes formal training in Massage therapy,  Shiatsu, Energy-based Cranio-Sacral,  Reiki, Chakra balancing, EFT

Access Consciousness Bars.

I offer 
'Simple Strategies to Get YOU Unstuck.'

Using a multi-faceted Approach
 For all Stages of Transformation.
Each modality I offer, can be taken individually or integrated & customised to target your specific needs.

Maintaining Peace of mind, vitality and balance is Empowerment.

You do not have to live with limitation and lack. 

  Letting go of self-judgement and criticism, is truly a simple & direct path to flow into 
the Wholeness we truly are here to be. 

How fast or slow is totally up to you.
Are you ready to Allow
Wellbeing to Be your Normal?

It is your choice to Awaken to your Divine Radiance
which is already who you are

It is my honour to be both Guide and Facilitator.

I offer a gentle and safe haven,
in combination with a dynamic and solution-oriented coaching style.

Call or email me to set-up a free chat, to discuss whether this approach is a good fit.

Skype is not 2nd best. Avoid traffic and save time with Skype sessions.

Begin to Get Unstuck TODAY 

With my Guided Meditation "Breath IN" for only $13.95 $

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Use it to fall asleep, reduce negative mind chatter, regain your intuition and feel good about your decisions again.              

 The breath is very powerful and is a gentle start to feeling your way into living with inner-peace.    

Contact me for a Free 20-Minute Cosultation to see if we connect or for more information.

Skype Sessions are not 2nd best!
With increased traffic and busy lives, an in-home session allow full relaxation to reap all the benefits.